Employee Giving

Together, You and I can make a difference

St. Joseph Hospital is where we come together each day for our community and our coworkers. Your dedication to our mission is what makes St. Joseph Hospital such an amazing place.

Together, You and I can make a difference for our coworkers, our staff, and the programs that have our hearts. Please consider making a gift to a fund that you believe in. All gifts, of any size, are gratefully received and will make a difference.

Check back for videos from your coworkers on why they give.

Ways to Give

Mission Fund

This new fund supports activities, programs and equipment that support the unique role of mission at St. Joseph Healthcare. Examples of how funds might be used could include a “Work Sabbath,” a spiritual/healing garden, car charging ports, enhanced recognition for employees who support the mission of St. Joseph Healthcare, ethics training and other similar efforts. Philanthropic gifts fully fund this program.

Employee Wellness Fund

This fund will allow employees or departments to apply for funds for wellness initiatives of their choice. Does the break room need a new microwave to allow for healthy eating? Do you and your coworkers think you would benefit from mental health services or a wellness health coach? Gifts to this fund will support initiatives that have your heart. The selections of recipients will be made by employees.  Philanthropic gifts fully fund this program.

Cardiology Technology

An Echocardiogram is a vital part of our ability to take care of our patients. Ultrasounds help us make diagnostic decisions about treatment.  This new software will help integrate the echocardiogram machines with EPIC, our electronic patient record. Wtih this new integration, we’ll save staff time, give patients their results faster, and be able to devote more time to patient care. Philanthropic gifts fully fund this upgrade.

Hearts United

This system-wide employee emergency assistance program provides an extra measure of help whenever our local St. Mother Mary Angela Fund is not enough to solve life’s big problems. Your gifts made it possible for us to assist your coworkers facing great need. Philanthropic gifts fully fund this program.

What has your heart? 

Your gift can be directed to any currently established fund. Please contact the Foundation Office for more information

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