Financial Assistance

Free Care and Financial Assistance Policy

Free Care is available for patients who qualify. If your family’s income is 200% or less of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you may qualify for assistance for your self-pay balance. You may inquire about thfis program before you arrive or at the time of registration or check-in. You may also inquire after receiving your statement. For an application for Free Care and a Summary of Coverage, click here.

In addition to the links above, individuals may request a copy of the Financial Assistance Policy and application from us by visiting St. Joseph Hospital, Main Admissions Department, 360 Broadway, Bangor, Maine 04402

To receive a free copy of the Financial Assistance Policy and application form by mail, call 877.727.9190 or submit a written request to: Covenant Health PO Box 95000 Lockbox 7650 Philadelphia, PA 19195

Health Insurance Exchanges have been established to help people who do not have insurance find health coverage. You can fill out an online application to inform you if qualify for private health insurance plans at lower costs based on your household’s size and income.

If you have not applied for health insurance coverage, as of March 31, 2014, you will have to pay a yearly penalty for each member of your household who does not have coverage, estimated at 1% of your annual income.

The good news is that there are new programs and support available for people who do not have insurance, and there are special programs for people with lower incomes.

Individuals and households with low incomes may also be eligible for Medicaid and/or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

You may sign up for coverage at This is the main website for individuals to apply for coverage.

You are considered to have coverage if you have Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, any job-based plan, any plan you bought for yourself, COBRA, retiree coverage, TRI-care, VA healthcare and some other types of plans.

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