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Why St. Joseph Healthcare

We know your employees aren’t just your company’s greatest asset — they’re family. That’s why a quick fix at urgent care won’t do it. At St. Joseph Healthcare WorkWell Occupational Health, your employees receive the full expertise and resources of a hospital setting.

Our dedicated team of occupational health experts work with employers, insurance carriers and managed care organizations to ensure the health and well-being of employees while keeping health care costs under control. If your employees do require treatment, they will have easy access to the comprehensive resources of St. Joseph Healthcare including rehabilitative services, our Cardiovascular Center, the Emergency/Trauma Department and coordinated services. They will receive seamless, compassionate care as we prepare them for a speedy and safe return to work.

Our WorkWell employee health program is designed to work with local employers on all their employee health needs. This program assists in controlling costs associated with rising workers’ compensation. WorkWell is designed to help provide ongoing communication and easy access to health care services for your employees to improve the overall health and wellness of your workforce.

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We provide expert health evaluations of your workforce, starting with a complete physical exam. These exams meet government and industry occupational health standards and requirements. In addition to exams related to workers’ compensation, we offer the following:

  • DOT Exams meeting Federal Department of Transportation guidelines
  • Post-offer physical
  • Annual exams with specific industry-defined components
  • Work related annual hazmat physical
  • DOT drug screening

Our premier workers’ compensation management program focuses on achieving a positive resolution for every compensation case. We want to treat your employees and allow them to return to work as soon as it is medically appropriate.

We offer the following workers’ compensation management services:

  • Injury/illness evaluation and treatment
  • Coordinated medical care with appropriate specialists and therapists
  • Access to a full range of injury treatment and rehabilitation services
  • Clinical case management including review of restrictions by phone, limited duty work plans, pre-certification processes, medical referrals and discharge planning
  • Second opinions
  • Case management

Meet Our Team

Our team of care providers are always there for your employees. Whether its for education, evaluation or care coordination. We always put employees’ wellness first.

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