Regional Breast Care Center

Why St. Joseph Healthcare

At St. Joseph Healthcare, we know the potential risk of breast cancer can lead to long, difficult periods of worrying, waiting and uncertainty. As the first comprehensive breast care center in the region, we simplify the process by bringing all areas of breast health under one roof.

Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, our expert staff offers compassionate care for all women. To prevent, diagnose and treat breast cancer, we provide 3D mammography, screening, diagnostic breast ultrasound, breast MRI, and breast biopsy. We are proud to be certified by the American College of Radiology since 1989.

What we offer

At St. Joseph Healthcare, we care for the patient as a whole.  We offer bone density, mammography and ultrasound services in one location. This allows us to combine testing for your convenience, and to make the most of your visit to our facility.


Early detection serves as one of the most important tools in the fight against breast cancer. Utilizing the latest technology, our goal is to detect any signs of concern as early as possible. We know waiting for important results can be stressful, which is why in most instances, patients can utilize their MyChart to receive their results on the day of their visit.

Screenings and Services

Why 3D

As the name implies, 3D mammography provides three-dimensional images of the breast. These pictures are sharper and much more precise than standard 2-dimensional imaging. Sharper imaging saves lives, through earlier detection, at a time when cancer is most successfully treated.

3D Mammography

St. Joseph Breast Care Center

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Regional Breast Care Center
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