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Senator Collins and Senator King Procure Funding for New Mammography Equipment

Thanks to the efforts of Senator Susan Collins and Senator Angus King, the recently passed federal budget included funding for St. Joseph Healthcare to purchase two new mammography machines. These new pieces of equipment will be purchased sometime in the coming months. In recent years, thanks to the generosity of many individuals and foundations, including the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation, St. Joseph Healthcare acquired 3D technology and Profound AI technology and has been using both technologies in its mammography program. The new machines will continue to use these programs.

The new machines will bring the following improvements to a program that provides over 11,000 mammograms annually:

  • Lower radiation dose technology
  • A more comfortable mammogram experience for patients
  • Faster imaging technology – allowing for improved access
  • Better diagnostic image quality for patients with dense breast tissue or patients with implants
  • Improved access for people with physical disabilities, especially people in wheelchairs,
  • Flex paddles that will tilt to adapt to women’s varying body shapes

“We greatly appreciate Senator King’s continued support of St. Joseph Healthcare. We are so grateful for his advocacy and work to ensure access to high-quality healthcare to all in our region,” shared Mary Prybylo, President of St. Joseph Healthcare.

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