Our Nursing Professional Practice Model

A professional practice model (PPM) describes how registered nurses practice, collaborate, communicate and develop professionally to provide the highest-quality care for those served by St. Joseph. Our professional practice model  aligns and integrates nursing practice with the Mission, vision, values and philosophy of nursing. The framework of our PPM also guides our nursing strategic plan, identifying clear goals and expectations for all professional RNs – helping us achieve optimal outcomes.

Tenets Comprising Our Professional Practice Model

Compassion: Nursing will provide compassionate, respectful, patient and family-centered care in all settings where we serve.

Integrity: Nursing will promote justice and ethical behavior, and responsibly steward our human, financial and environmental resources.

Collaboration: Nursing will promote inter-professional communication and coordination of patient and family-centered care.

Excellence: Nursing will provide evidence-based practice integrating clinical expertise, scientific findings, and patient preferences to improve patient outcomes.

At St. Joseph Healthcare, nursing care is:

  • Patient-Family centered
  • Care of self and others
  • Quality and safety focused
  • Evidence-based, innovative and highly reliable

At St. Joseph Healthcare, nurses are:

  • Engaged in shared governance and shared decision making
  • Recognized through professional recognition programs
  • Supported in their professional development nurses at all levels
  • Transformational leaders who continuously improve patient care and practice

As part of our governance structure, the Covenant Health clinical professional nurse assumes full responsibility, authority and accountability for nursing practice, while participating in collegial relationship with other disciplines to plan, deliver and evaluate care.

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