Nursing Leadership & Shared Governance

Leadership has always been at the heart of nursing, and we believe knowledgeable, collaborative and genuinely caring nurse leaders are essential to a strong nursing team. Our commitment to supportive and strong nursing leadership inspired and guided the development of our shared governance structure. Shared Governance promotes clinical staff empowerment and shared decision-making.

Our Nursing Council Structure

As active members in our shared governance council structure, our nurses play an important role in decisions that impact policies, procedures, processes and outcomes at the point of care. In fact, all of our clinical staff have a voice in professional governance through council representatives, staff meetings, and unit-based learning and idea boards.

As part of Covenant Health, St. Joseph Healthcare and our team of nurses have access to an even deeper bench of nursing experience and expertise through voluntary participation on the Nurse Practice Council.

Nurse Practice Council Purpose and Mission Statements

  • Purpose: The purpose of the St. Joseph Healthcare Nurse Practice Council is to promote and support a nursing culture of excellence that delivers patient-centered, evidence-based, compassionate care.
  • Mission: The St. Joseph Heathcare Nurse Practice Council amplifies and empowers the voice of nursing staff on issues of nursing practice, quality, and safety through collaboration, shared decision-making and purpose, serving as stewards of the nursing profession and safe, ethical patient care through advocacy, engaged action, education, and innovation.

Benefits of Nursing Shared Governance

In addition to offering nurses additional opportunities to grow and advance, there are numerous benefits that result from nursing professional shared governance, including:

  • Increased Satisfaction & Retention
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction
  • Stronger Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Improved Nurse Engagement
  • Better Patient Outcomes
  • Professional Growth & Advancement
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