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Bangor, Maine – December 13, 2021

St. Joseph Healthcare is displaying the works of Kristbjorg Whitney at The Gallery at 900 Broadway now through February 24, 2022.

Over the next three months, patients visiting St. Joseph Healthcare’s Internal Medicine Office (Sidney and Helen Epstein Building, 900 Broadway #5) will be greeted by this vibrant gallery of Kristbjorg Whitney’s work. Whitney was born and raised in Iceland and her work is inspired by her experiences growing up on the water. “Every painting is about connections and the way disparate elements, the way fire and ice, come together to make each other survive,” Whitney reflected. Whitney is living as a full-time artist in Orono, Maine.

Kathi Smith, MFA, an assistant professor of studio arts and art appreciation at Husson University, said this about a recent exhibition of her art, “The color interaction and sense of movement inherent in Krisbjorg’s works are a delight to the eye. Her repeating geometric patterns create a sense of harmony and unity that invites the viewer to a place of peace and serenity.”

The Gallery at 900 Broadway is open not only to patients but also to the entire community. Katie Schaffer, a member of the St. Joseph Healing Arts Commission, said “the whole purpose of the commission is to bring art into the health care organization for everyone. We want to provide a peaceful, art-filled environment that supports healing.”

The St. Joseph Healing Arts Commission selects art that is calming and uplifting. This program is made possible through the work of the Commission, in addition to the generous donations of the community. You can learn more about the Healing Arts Program, and how to support their important work, by contacting Brad Coffey, Covenant Health SVP and Foundation President, at 207.907.3199 or

(207) 907-1000
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