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July 11, 2022, St. Joseph Healthcare, Bangor, Maine – Just 15 years earlier, a time capsule was buried on the campus of St. Joseph Hospital, to mark the 60-year anniversary of the organization. This year, as the hospital celebrates 75 years of excellence, it was time to unearth the capsule, inventory the contents, and relive some great memories.

The team present for this unearthing of history included: Mary Prybylo, Sister Mary Edith, Sister Barbara Theresa, Donna Berry, Eileen Carroll-Walker, Terri Dumond and Jlynn Frazier. Pete Levesque and Phil Dumond located and uncovered the capsule.

“It was quite the adventure,” noted Mary Prybylo, President of St. Joseph Hospital, as she reflected on watching the team locate and dig up the sizeable capsule. “So much has transpired over the years, and it is such an honor to be part of this organization and its history, and be able to work alongside team members who are creating an exciting and innovative future for our organization and our community.”

There has been a hum of excitement at St. Joseph Healthcare. Hospital team members have been encouraged to take their best guess as to the capsule contents. Members of the team responsible for unearthing the capsule have been diligently taking stock, and photos, to be sure this moment in history is documented for future generations. The contents will be unveiled in the hospital front lobby display case the week of July 11 for staff members, patients and visitors to view.

The time capsule contents will also play a part in the 75th Anniversary Prayer and Reflection Service, taking place Thursday, July 14 in the Hospital Chapel. Some invited guests include representatives from several officials’ offices, such as Senator Collins, Senator King and the City of Bangor, as well as community members, the Covenant Health Leadership team, and donors. Additionally, the service will be live-streamed to patient rooms; streamed to hospital staff via WebEx, and shared with the community via Facebook Live on the St. Joseph Healthcare Facebook page.

“We are thrilled to have so many people join in this special service to recognize our history and celebrate our future,” states Sister Barbara, RN, BSN, Cultural and Heritage Historian at St. Joseph Healthcare.

What’s next as part of the 75-year anniversary celebration for St. Joseph Healthcare? A new time capsule! Students at United Technology Center (UTC) designed, built and tested a new capsule just for this special occasion, and presented it last month to hospital leadership. The innovative capsule, set to be buried later this Fall, will hold new memorabilia based on collective input from hospital staff, and will be unearthed for St. Joseph Healthcare’s centennial celebration in 2047.

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