Hydrate for Year-Round Happiness


We often think about hydration in the summer when the temperatures rise and we spend tend to spend more time outdoors. Staying hydrated, however, is important for our health year-round. When the mercury rises, the body’s need for water increases dramatically. This depends on a few factors, such as exercise and exertion, how much time is spent in the sun, and humidity levels. But as a safe rule of thumb, as your body heats up water intake should be increased.

Why We Need Water
The human body is more than 60% water; nearly everything inside our bodies at a cellular level runs on water. According to a Penn State Study, just one day of dehydration interferes with vital bodily functions like waste disposal, digestion and heart rate. In fact, every cell, organ and tissue in the human body requires water to function correctly.

How Water Makes Us Happier
Have you ever felt stressed or upset and then drank a glass of water and felt, at least somewhat, better? A variety of studies indicate drinking water can improve our mood, if for no other reason than the obvious one: dehydration makes us grumpy. When we are low on water, our body struggles to keep up with stress demands. Other studies indicate that flushing toxins from the body improves overall mood and mindset.

Tricks for Getting More Water
Not everyone loves drinking water. For some, it can be a significant chore. These are some ideas to help you get hydrated:

  • Establish a habit within already established routines.
    For example, take a sip of water each time you get up from your desk.
  • Use an app to track.
    There are plenty of mobile apps to help you track how many ounces of water you take in each day. You also can set reminders on your phone throughout the day.
  • Get a new water bottle or use a straw.
    Find something that makes it fun for you.
  • Flavorize.
    With so many delicious options, like mint or fruit, you can customize how it tastes.
  • Swap soda for seltzer water.
    The fizzy bubbles may be more appealing for those used to drinking carbonated soda.
  • Don’t drink your fluid; chew it!
    Eat water-rich foods like zucchini, watermelon and grapefruit.
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