Commit to Get Fit: Helping Provide a Safe Place for Survivors of Assault

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Our Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) nurse program has grown to serve survivors from more communities in Maine. In addition, we’ve been receiving additional calls from community partners asking for more opportunities to provide outreach and education. Thanks to the proceeds from Commit to Get Fit, we’ve hired and trained more nurses, so that we have enough staffing for community training. These trainings include everything from SAFE 101, educating community partners on what happens when they refer a survivor, to specific training for first responders on how to work with survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence or human trafficking.

The most important thing is that survivors feel heard, believed and safe. Thanks to your donations, registrations and sponsorship, we’re making our community a safer place for survivors.

Read more from our 2022 Foundation Annual Report.

Learn more about Commit to Get Fit.


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