Annual Lights of Remembrance Celebration to Include Two Choir Performances

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Bangor, Maine, St. Joseph Healthcare – St. Joseph Healthcare invites employees and community members to come together for the Annual Lights of Remembrance on Thursday, December 1 at 5:30 pm in the Demaso Lobby of the hospital. This heartfelt event welcomes people of all faiths and traditions. The gathering honors loved ones who have passed, and celebrates the joy of the holiday season.

This year, St. Joseph has added 20 perpetual ornaments to the Remembrance Tree in the Demaso Lobby, with the names of loved ones being honored by donors. Additionally, the generous gifts received from 48 families will support the St. Joseph Healing Arts Program, which enhances the healthcare environment and aids in healing and recovery by incorporating music, paintings and photography from local Maine artists.

This Annual Lights of Remembrance is made possible by community support from Nutkin Farm, who donated many of the Christmas trees, along with Lowe’s and Home Depot in Bangor, who donated all of the holiday lights.

Mira Lambert, age 7, and Eliana Nesin-Bird, age 6, both of Glenburn, will light the tree. Members of the  John Bapst Chorus and St. John’s Youth Choir will sing festive carols to spread joy and the spirit of the season.

“Our Lights of Remembrance tradition is a beautiful way to close our 75th year of serving the community,” said Mary Prybylo, President of St. Joseph Healthcare. “This event unites us as we come together to remember loved ones and celebrate the magic of the holiday season.”

This year, the Healing Arts Program has been able to expand the number of spaces where art is accessible to patients, healthcare workers, and the community. This includes exhibits in the Gallery at 900 Broadway and year-long exhibits throughout the hospital. Brad Coffey, Foundation President, remarked, “It is through the generosity of the community, along with the dedication of the Healing Arts Commission, that we are able to provide a hopeful, healing environment for patients and employees.
I am grateful to those who make gifts to St. Joseph this holiday season.”

If you would like to support the Healing Arts Program, there is still time to purchase an ornament. While every effort will be made to mail them quickly, please know they may not arrive before Christmas. You can also make a gift directly to the program.

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