Lights of Remembrance

Thank you for ceebrating with us.

On Thursday, December 1, St. Joseph Healthcare held its annual Lights of Remembrance event. This is an extraordinary event where hospital staff and community members come together to recall friends and family who have passed away and, at the same time, look forward to Christmas and the holiday season.

You Spread Comfort and Joy

The John Bapst Chorus and the St. John’s Children’s Choir beautifully sang Christmas carols this year. Two children, Eliana Nesin-Bird and Mira Lambert turned the lights on. Nutkin Knoll Christmas Tree Farm provided trees, and Bangor Lowe’s and Home Depot stores provided lights. The hospital’s facility team worked hard to make everything look wonderful. WABI-TV was there to broadcast the event live. 

Generous donors purchased ornaments, and all proceeds were allocated to the hospital’s Healing Arts program. Donations to the Healing Arts program are gratefully accepted all year long. 

Check back in October 2023 for information on the 2023 event.


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