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Why Commit to Get Fit?

We asked Tracy Bennett, a physician assistant in general surgery at St. Joseph Healthcare and member of the volunteer committee that helps plan Commit to Get Fit, why participating in this event is so important. Here’s what she shared:

1. For lifelong fitness: We all know you don’t get fit in a day. For most people, running a 5K or a 10K requires training. When you sign up to participate, you’re committing to getting yourself moving and working toward your goals.

“Fitness is something that is really important to my family,” says Tracy. “My kids play soccer and love to stay moving. My husband and I need to keep up!”

2. For building a strong community: When you get involved in a community event like this, good things happen. When you and others show up, you’re building a beautiful community together. And when everyone pitches in, making a difference is so much easier.

3. To support the SAFE Program: Perhaps you, like many other people, know someone who has received confidential care from the SAFE program. This program provides professional nursing care for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse, human trafficking, and self-inflicted strangulation. There is a growing need for this program as more people are referred to St. Joseph Healthcare for this unique care. The goal of this year’s Commit to Get Fit event is to raise enough money to make this program available 24/7 to survivors in need.

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