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Bangor, Maine, St. Joseph Healthcare – St. Joseph Healthcare is pleased to welcome Mark Lyerly, MD, as part of the St. Joseph Neurosurgery Team. He joins Joanna Swartzbaugh, MD, in this practice.

Dr. Lyerly is a board certified Neurological Surgeon. He completed his degree at Duke University School of Medicine and his residency at NC Baptist Hospital in North Carolina. He is also an active member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.

Prior to joining St. Joseph Healthcare, Dr. Lyerly practiced at the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute in Martinsbury, WV.

Dr. Lyerly brings 28 years of experience to St. Joseph, including specialties in minimally invasive surgery, carpal tunnel surgery, artificial disc surgery, and spinal fusion.

When asked why he chose St. Joseph Healthcare, Dr. Lyerly emphasized the value of community. “I was awestruck by the sense of community and teamwork by the staff here, and feel my values align with the Mission to provide the best care we can to all patients.”

Why Maine? “My wife and I came to visit Maine and we fell in love with it. The crisp, beautiful surroundings, along with the warmth that everyone has shown, has made us feel welcome.” Dr. Lyerly shared that he loves very cold weather and is looking forward to his first winter here in Bangor.

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