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Will you join me in supporting the amazing people at St. Joe’s who care for our community?

I am grateful to the physicians and nurses for their medical skills and experience, which saved my life twice. I hope they are there if I need them again!

“Over the past two years, the staff at St. Joe’s has saved my life twice. In May 2022, I had a heart attack. I was experiencing extreme shortness of breath and fatigue, but none of the other typical symptoms associated with a heart attack. They acted quickly and did everything right! This year, after a brief illness, I was sent to St. Joe’s by my primary care physician with dehydration that had resulted in acute kidney failure. During my hospital stay, the physicians, nurses, CNAs, and cleaning staff were all kind and professional."

Brad Ryder

Patient & Board of Trustees Member

No matter the reason for your visit to St. Joseph Healthcare, I hope you experienced the compassion, caring and empathy that I did. These personal connections make St. Joe’s not just a place for healing but a hospital that appreciates every interaction it has with members of our community.

To continue its mission of care and service, St. Joe’s needs our help.

Your generosity helps St. Joe’s purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment, ensures staff have the resources they need, and provides mission activities supporting our neighbors who are less fortunate.

If, like me, you’d like to honor a staff member who made your experience exceptional, you can recognize them by submitting a note of thanks and making a gift in their honor.

The heart of our community is its people — both the ones who provide care and those who support it. Your kindness is deeply appreciated by countless neighbors, individuals, and families who benefit from your generosity.

-Brad Ryder, Patient

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