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“I work hard to gain my patients’ confidence and trust. This integration will help patients feel more confident and help providers take better care of patients.”

Jims Jean-Jacques, DO, FACC, FHFSA


Time is an important factor if you’re facing a potentially serious diagnosis. Receiving your results quickly will allow you and your referring provider to make important healthcare decisions as soon as possible.

An echocardiogram, which uses ultrasound waves to create a visual display of the heart, helps doctors make critical diagnostic and treatment decisions. However, currently the system for sharing test results with a referring provider and a patient is a cumbersome, paper-based, manual process.

With your support, new software will enable a patient’s echocardiogram test results to be directly reported to their electronic patient record. In turn, those results will be immediately accessible to the patient’s referring provider. This considerably reduces the time it takes for a provider to receive detailed test results and ensures timely care.

This lifesaving improvement in our cardiac technology will cost $173,292. Every gift makes a difference!

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