St. Joseph Healthcare Spring Exhibit Includes Three Area Artists

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Bangor, Maine –March 3, 2022

The Spring Exhibit at St. Joseph Healthcare has launched at two locations and will be on display through May 27, 2022.

The Gallery at 900 Broadway (Sidney and Helen Epstein Building, building #5) showcases paintings by artist Cheryl Coffin, M.D., and photographs by Wayne Walker. Coffin, a Bangor native, specialized in surgical and pediatric pathology, holding faculty positions at universities across the country. She is now pursuing her art, and recently graduated with a degree in studio art from The University of Maine. Coffin’s unique perspective combines artistic experimentation with biomorphic images and landscapes.

Coffin shares, “One group of paintings is inspired by a great blue heron named Harper and emphasizes my love of place and fascination with the natural world. The other group of paintings draws on my visual memory from decades of artistic exploration, medical study, and pathology practice.”

Along with Coffin, Wayne Walker shares a passion for photography he has had most of his life, choosing to focus on his craft in retirement. He creates images and then prints them himself on a variety of papers including watercolor paper, handmade paper, wrapping paper, Tyvek, and Yupo.

This exhibit extends to the hospital lobby at 360 Broadway, where visitors can see the craft gourds created by artist Michelle Walker, who developed her interest and craft after retiring. Her gourds often represent movement, special objects, or cultural symbols, and are influenced by her roots in the southwest, along with her love for the stark beauty of her current home in Maine.

Healing Arts Commission Member Mary Hollister shared her thoughts about the spring exhibit, “This brings together three unique and diverse artists. We believe that the paintings, photographs, and craft gourds will be enjoyed by all.”

The St. Joseph Healing Arts Commission selects art that is calming and uplifting, contributing to a peaceful, healing environment for patients and staff alike. This program is made possible through the work of the Commission, in addition to the generous donations of the community. You can learn more about the Healing Arts Commission, and how to support their important work, by contacting Brad Coffey, Covenant Health SVP and Foundation President, at 207.907.3199 or

(207) 907-1000
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