Remember to Add Annual Physical to Your Back-to-School Checklist


August is here, and it can feel like the mad dash to soak in every moment of summer, while also getting ready for transitions back to school. Along with school supplies, a backpack, and new clothes (how did their feet grow so much this summer?), we recommend you add a visit to your primary care doctor’s office for an annual physical.

Dr. Comstock

Kevyn Comstock, DO, board certified in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine, shares some thoughts on the importance of an annual physical for your child. “One thing I wish parents knew about physicals, is that they are meant to keep a child safe and healthy. As children age, it is helpful to have an established connection and trust between the doctor, the child, and the parents. This can provide for opportunities to have meaningful one-on-one conversations between the doctor and child, that might not happen otherwise.”

Five reasons to get an annual physical

  • Measure growth and development to monitor and make changes, if needed
  • Check-in to assess mental health and make sure a child is adjusting well
  • Address any questions or concerns that may affect school or home life
  • Review immunizations and screenings
  • Provide age-appropriate education about healthy habits

“An important part of my job during annual physicals, is to reinforce good habits, said Dr. Comstock. “In my experience, even changes that seem small, can have big positive impacts on a child’s health. This might be small changes in food, finding a new way to stay active, or having important conversations about peer pressure and social habits. Sometimes it’s another adult providing support and encouraging them in their schoolwork and making friends.”

We have five primary care locations in Bangor, Brewer, and Hampden, to provide ease of access to care in your community. Summer to Fall transitions are busy times, and we are here to support the physical and mental health of children, their parents, and the family as a whole. We want our patients to know and feel that we are an extension of their support system, and they can trust us for their care. Learn more about primary care.

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