Part Hospital, Part Art Gallery: Offering Access to Art for Patients, Healthcare Workers and our Community

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Bangor, Maine – The St. Joseph Healthcare Healing Arts Commission continues to expand access to art for patients, employees, and the community to enjoy.

On October 26, the works of Jill Hoy return to St. Joseph Healthcare as part of a year-long loan agreement. Hoy will join the Healing Arts Commission to install her paintings which focus on ways of seeing Maine light through composition, rhythm, gesture, pattern, energy, power of place, and soul.

“As a member of the Healing Arts Commission, I’m excited to see our long-term goal of having original art on each of the first three floors of St. Joseph Hospital come to fruition,” said Mary Hollister. “I cannot think of a better way to serve St. Joseph than to have such acclaimed Maine artists supporting our goal by loaning us their work. For example, Jill Hoy’s work has been on display in more than 600 private and corporate collections.”

This is part of a larger effort of the Healing Arts Committee to expand over the next several months.

  • “Joy” group exhibit features 16 Maine artists at the Gallery at 900 Broadway, now – December 16
  • Respiratory and Cardiology offices share 18 pieces from the St. Joseph private collection, hospital, floor 2
  • First floor of the hospital displays Diana Young’s art for a year, coming soon
  • Second floor of the hospital displays Nina Jerome’s art for a year, available now
  • Third floor of the hospital displays Jill Hoy’s art for a year, available this week

The St. Joseph Healing Arts Commission selects art that is calming and uplifting, contributing to a peaceful, healing environment for patients and staff alike. To learn more, visit

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