A New Way to Approach the New Year


There’s a lot of hum around the New Year! Some get hyped about a new workout regimen they want to include in their day. Some focus on creating a vision board – a true picture of the goals they want to achieve. But for others, a New Year can also be a source of stress and anxiety. Perhaps it’s the pressure of what is to come, or a fear of the unknown that comes with a New Year.

Here are a few ways we suggest taking a new look at the New Year:

  1. Rather than looking at what you need to tackle, begin your year by reflecting on what you have accomplished in the past year. Success breeds success.
  2. If you are setting health goals, consider taking a more holistic approach, remembering that your mind and body are connected. For example, if you want to tackle something physical (ie: lose 10 lbs), make sure to balance that with something focused on mental health (ie: meditate 5 minutes every morning). Giving attention to your mental health will benefit your physical health!
  3. Consider making mental health goals. What does that look like?
    • Incorporating mindfulness into your day
    • Developing 3-5 coping mechanisms that bring you peace when you get stressed. Some ideas include reading, painting, listening to music, going for a walk
    • Spending 3 minutes each morning journaling, to start your day with intentionality

While it’s completely normal to feel anxious about a New Year, there are tactics you can incorporate to set yourself up for success. Sometimes, it just takes looking at it from a different perspective and trying a new approach. Remember to celebrate the wins (big and little), and make your mental health a priority.

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