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Healthy Holiday Eating – Is it Possible?

By Cherry Odom, BSN, RN, NPD-BC

Article originally appeared in Thrive magazine

The holidays are meant to be savored. At this time of year, old, family-loved recipes emerge from storage. “Enjoy them!” said Liz Whalen, RD, LDN, clinical nutrition manager with Covenant Health.

Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

Whalen suggests that you:

  • Plan ahead
  • Control portion sizes
  • Cut sodium and fat
  • Flavor with herbs and spices
  • Group a special dish with lower calorie items, such as fruits and vegetables
  • Stick with calorie-free drinks, such as water or seltzer
  • Limit alcoholic beverages
  • Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed

Can You Splurge and Eat Healthy?

Is it possible to splurge on a few special holiday treats and still maintain a healthy food plan? “Absolutely!” according to Whalen. “Create a plan, and stick to it. Do not skip meals. Enjoy your healthy eating plan before and after your holiday treats. Eat slowly, be present and relish every bite of your meal.”

Emotions and Holiday Eating

Whalen shared, “The holidays can be an emotional time of year for many reasons. When enjoying family favorite recipes, reminisce about how they became favorites. Turn memories into positive emotions. Enjoy and share those emotions with friends and family members.”

Shopping for Holiday Ingredients

Temptations lurk in every aisle of the supermarket. To be successful at healthy holiday eating, make a shopping list and stick to it!

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