First Intracept Procedure North of Boston Performed at St. Joseph Healthcare

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Bangor, Maine – Innovation is happening at St. Joseph Healthcare, with the first Intracept® Procedure performed north of Boston. This outpatient procedure is a new solution for individuals suffering from chronic low back pain.

The Intracept® Procedure offers patients relief, as it targets the basivertebral nerve for the relief of pain in the lower back. This minimally invasive procedure requires an incision of only 5-6 millimeters, allowing for the probe to be positioned and deliver radiofrequency energy (heat) to disable the nerve, a process known as basivertebral nerve ablation.

The benefits to this procedure include a minimal recovery – often not more than a couple days – it is implant-free, and preserves the structure of the spine.

Surgeon Ben Zolper, MD, Northeast Pain Management, performed the Intracept® Procedure at St. Joseph Healthcare last week. “Chronic low back pain is a national problem. This is an exciting new treatment for patients with specific MRI findings who have failed all other treatments. The treatment interrupts the pain signals from the lower back to the brain. Research has shown this to be a highly effective and long-lasting treatment. I am excited that St. Joseph Healthcare was the first hospital north of Boston to implement this new treatment.”

Jessica DeGrasse, RN, BSN, Clinical Director of Perioperative Services at St. Joseph Healthcare adds, “I’m proud to be part of an organization where innovation has such a positive impact on our patients.”

Patients with chronic lower back pain are encouraged to talk with their provider.

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