Ask the Doctor: General Surgery Services at St. Joseph’s Hospital


Pedro P. Gomez, MD, is one of four surgeons specializing in general surgery and wants the community to know why St. Joseph’s Hospital should be the first option for surgical care. 

What do you like about specializing in general surgery and how long have you been with St. Joseph’s Hospital?

General surgery allows me to evaluate and treat each patient as a whole. Many times, in my evaluation for potential surgical solutions, I find evidence of other health issues that need to be treated, such as diabetes. I have been a member of the general surgery team for the past five years and I find great satisfaction in being a part of this compassionate organization and caring for members of the Bangor community.

When a patient is told by their primary care physician they may need surgery, why should they consider having it done at St. Joseph’s Hospital?

Surgery is a major event in a person’s life and can be disruptive and scary to think about. We take a team approach at St. Joseph’s where everyone is completely committed to achieving the best outcomes for each patient we treat. Our highly skilled, caring staff of physicians, anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses and technicians work together to design the optimal surgical solution for each patient.

We are focused on personalized care that begins with meeting the patient before surgery to fully explain and discuss exactly what the procedure will entail. Our nursing staff is second to none, and focuses on individual care before, during and after surgery so each patient recovers as quickly as possible. There is no middleman; each patient has direct contact with the members of their surgical team throughout the entire process.

What are the most common surgeries performed by the general surgery team?

The most common surgeries we perform include gall bladder, many different types of hernias, bowel, colon, and removal of the appendix. Basically, general surgery includes everything located in the body’s main torso. In addition, inpatient, outpatient, day surgery and minimally invasive surgeries are performed every day. Most surgeries are scheduled in advance, but we also support St. Joseph’s Emergency Room as needed.

Do you ever serve patients outside of the Bangor, Maine area?

We frequently see patients from other parts of Maine and I always ask them why they chose St. Joseph’s Hospital for their general surgery needs. Often, this is because a family member or friend had a good experience here, or because someone they know who works at the hospital. We are here to ensure everyone gets the best possible attention and care during their surgical stay, and to provide the proper follow-up during their recovery.

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